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I really hate intercepting target-marketing intended for idiots.

(01:13:25) Jimbosworldorg: omfg
(01:13:29) Jimbosworldorg: I just got measurably stupider
(01:13:33) Elicia: ?
(01:13:33) Jimbosworldorg: from seeing a commercial.
(01:13:45) Jimbosworldorg: for time warner cable ISP
(01:13:57) Jimbosworldorg: it's an "us versus DSL" commercial
(01:14:21) Jimbosworldorg: and this dude excitedly turns to the camera and says "little tiny phone wire vs BIG BAD CABLE WIRE? NO CONTEST!!!!"
(01:14:33) Jimbosworldorg: and they SHOW PICTURES OF COAX NEXT TO A PHONE CORD.
(01:14:36) Jimbosworldorg: LOOK ITS BIGGAR
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