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Hahaha, omg this show - Mythbusters, on the Discovery Channel - is AWESOME.  electricia told me about it, and it sounded cool, so I hooked it up with Tivo, and yeah... DEFINITELY as cool as advertised.

The premise of the show is, a couple of special effects veterans and a supporting team take urban legends and try to recreate them, in order to demonstrably prove whether they're true or false.  Sort of like Snopes on steroids with shit gettin' blown up.  What's not to love, right?  Well, I just watched my first episode, and it definitely lived up to the hype.  In this one, they tackled two myths - one, the aprocryphal story of the guy that gets catapulted over his house when he tries to use a boom lift as a cherrypicker to get the engine out of his car and the chain snaps; two, the old "you get better MPG with the AC on than with the windows rolled down."

The best moments in Mythbusters comes AFTER they disprove the myths... because then they try to MAKE them happen anyway, by any means necessary.  Generally involving a hideous amount of destruction.  So yeah, when they couldn't get the boom lift story to work as advertised... they set out to MAKE a catapult out of the damn thing by welding pivot axles to the wheels and mounting it on stacked freight containers to turn it into a 30,000 pound counterweight trebuchet.

That's my kind of science, right there.

Also, from a prurient standpoint, several of the supporting team members are female and VERY cute.  Better yet, they're smart and actually talented in the stuff the show needs done - one's a welder, another may or may not have any particular professional cred but dives right into whatever needs doing with no hesitation and gets dirty.  Definitely not the typical hollywood brainless bimbo types, which of course makes 'em that much more attractive.

I can't wait for Shark Week, when they test out various propositions from the movie Jaws, including "whether or not SCUBA tanks explode when you fire a rifle bullet into them" and "whether or not punching a shark in the face will keep it from attacking you."  W00t!

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