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coffee shop as social hub

I spent a long, challenging but productive day of work in glorious Gilbert, SC today. Hey, don't laugh - they even have broadband internet access there! Of course, it is courtesy of - I kid you not - Pond Branch Telecomm. Anyway, once I finally got back to Columbia I decided to stop off in my favorite coffee shop and drink a little coffee, read a few stories, and peoplewatch.  The book was nice, the coffee was better, and there was even a pleasant little interruption to take a phone conversation with electricia outside, and discuss work drama and Mythbusters and things.

Finally I got up to leave, and the pretty girl standing at the counter waiting for her coffee gave me a big smile as I walked up to return my cup.  I smiled back, and wondered for an instant if I knew her. I decided I didn't, just before she greeted me in a way that said I did.  Oops?  She said confidently "I know you from somewhere..." and I gave her a quizzical smile as she began to explain she was "Christian's girlfriend." Nope, didn't ring any bells - so I shook my head, figuring we must just look familiar because we'd seen each other in the coffee shop several times. Then she went on to say, "... and you're dating his sister."

Ahhhhhhhh... that Christian.

She saw the light go on over my head, and I quirked a wry-but-cheerful little grin at her and said "actually, I'm not." She returned the grin as I said "it's good to see you again, anyway," and wandered on out.

Breaking up with someone certainly still isn't, and never will be, something I enjoy doing.  But even so, there's something that feels kinda... wholesome about having done so and not being bitter afterwards.  If this is what growing up feels like, I could get used to it.

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