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what if everything around you isn't quite as it seems?

I have not had a song stuck on infinite loop in my head (MP3, 7.5MB) to anything faintly resembling this degree in a very, very long time. (hint to peeps who didn't know this already: if you just want to listen immediately instead of downloading first, you can click and drag links like that one into your Winamp playlist and they'll stream.)

As haunting as the lyrics are (and the more I actually listen to them, the more haunting I find them), it's not the lyrics that get stuck in my head, and I kept finding the song looping through my mental background before I even knew what the lyrics said.  It's just those simple few piano notes with the mildly discordant, "noisy" electronic background loop.  So evocative.

Ah, well - a few more rounds of Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath on the faithful X-Box cures all.  Except maybe leprosy.  (But I don't have that, so it's still a universal palliative as far as I'm concerned.)
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