Zen Bastard (jimbojones) wrote,
Zen Bastard

the Force is my condom

(23:25:01) Electricia: Well, I will take comfort tonight in knowing that if he tries anything, I can look at him and say "Sure, I'd love to have sex with you.  By the way, I am bleeding from the crotch."
(23:26:22) Electricia: the last thing I want is someone touching me right now.  I feel bloated and owie all over and generally disgusting.
(23:26:43) Jimbosworldorg: tell him "My chlamydiclorian levels are unusually high.  Which might mean I have an STD, or might mean I'm a Jedi.  ::waves hand::  Either way, I am not the chick you're looking for."
(23:26:22) Electricia: ROFL
Tags: humorous, snippet

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