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Windows XP is fucking retarded.

I have 1.5 GB of RAM in this laptop.  The most of it I've used since the last time I rebooted it - 32 days and some change now - is 728 MB, a little less than half of what I've got physically available.  So why, why, why if I leave Adobe ImageReady minimized for more than an hour or two does the OS "helpfully" swap out the couple of hundred megs ImageReady occupies in RAM to the fucking hard disk, making it take ten or twenty seconds to tab back into it when I want to edit an image again?!  ::pounds head on keyboard::

note for the pedantic and/or curious: the problem really is Windows XP, not ImageReady.  If I leave any other app (say, FireFox with a bajillion tabs open) minimized for more than an hour or so while I'm doing something else, the same behavior occurs.
Tags: alpha geek, rant

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