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Movie Night

So aduncous and lzbnangel and I tried watching Koyaanisqatsi tonight. It SOUNDED really cool on paper, and the critics went nuts over it, but... my fucking god, it moved slower than major league baseball. I'm sure I'll give it another chance one day when I'm bored, but sheesh. 15 minutes in, we gave the fuck up and proceeded to plan B.

Banned cartoons from the 1940's! Oh my god, that shit was HILARIOUS. I'd love to hear the kinds of angry songs Chuck D would immediately produce, like within 5 minutes, if somebody tried to make another Little Black Sambo cartoon. We were all dying. (It really helps seeing them on a big screen, too. Those cartoons were NOT designed for TV sets, and you really see that once you see them on a bigger screen.)

I wonder what people from the 40's would think of our entertainment?

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