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apparently I'm getting more political

I was at Cool Beans tonight, reading and eating a late dinner, and this chick was kinda entrancing me a little lot.  Blonde, good looking, in good shape, weathered enough to look like a grown-up but absolutely without any traces of Real Estate Agent Hair or other disturbing age-related syndromes.  She had that sexy glossy-pedicured-nails-toe-rings-and-sandals thing going on.  I kept sneaking glances.

Then I overheard her arguing with someone at her table that the fact that she hadn't voted in the last election wasn't apathy, it was her expressing a clear and meaningful statement that neither candidate suited her needs... and, with the indignant thought "who the hell are you kidding, there's a war* on right now and apathy-in-the-name-of-idealism is the LAST thing we can afford," I lost interest and returned to my book.


* not talking about Iraq.
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