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hobnobbin' with rockstars

Best quote from the Angie Aparo show tonight: "You people are looking at me like I'm sick, like I'm a loser, but YOU'RE in a shithole bar at one AM.  What the fuck, you people don't even have jobs, do you?"

It might sound all angry, but it wasn't.  It was unexpected and wry and funny.  He's actually a ... well shit I don't quite want to say mellow guy.  He can be, but he can rock the fucking house hard, too.  After the show I talked to him for a while about music, and the intarweb, and RSS feeds.  It was pretty fucking cool.  I kept getting amused because these chicks would come up from behind him and just sling themselves onto him or kiss him or whatever, and he'd always turn, speak to them politely for a moment, and then just turn back to our conversation like there was no interruption.  On our way out to our respective cars afterwards, zeldappa teased me about "hob-nobbing with rockstars." =)

One of the high points of the show was a cover of the Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right To Party".  Partly because it seriously rocked, and partly because it's the only time I've ever heard an alternative-rock cover of a rap song that didn't sound just horrible and "ironic."  I have no idea how, but the guy actually made it sound like it was SUPPOSED to be that way.  With crooning vocals.  Hopefully it'll be on one of the CDs I bought at the show (there were three albums there, and I am ALL ABOUT buying the CDs of artists I enjoy at the venue, so I got all three), but probably not.  Oh well.  Damn I enjoy discovering new (to me) artists.  Why can't radio be like this?
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