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I am Jack's rising bile

I have a guilty little pleasure. One that I'm not too ashamed of. Mostly.

I... I like a lot of sappy-ass femme-voiced dance tracks. You know, the ones that only have like three or four actual lines in the lyrics. I know, I know. Dammit, nobody's perfect...! But the ones with the crazy spatial synth effects and the good basslines and the chicks that put some passion in their voices behind their three or four cheesy lines, well, they get to me. (On the other hand, I hate the ones where the chicks with incredible silky voices but no actual talent whatsoever sing EVERY SINGLE WORD in the same blandly smug "isn't my voice just amazing?" tone of voice, like it doesn't even matter what the actual words are. Bleah.)

But we're veering off-topic here, because the reason behind this post, and the unearthing of my dirty little secret, is to tell you about something truly horrible. You know that girlie-group Tatu? The two-girl "group" that voices "All The Things She Said"...?

They did a cover of the Smiths' classic, How Soon Is Now. I downloaded it.

It comes off almost as cool as, say, John Denver covering Tori Amos.


I'm going to go be sick now.

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