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social Sunday

Today was a day of avoiding (most) mundane responsibilities and just chillin' with people I don't spend enough time chillin' with.  It was really really good to see sesby again (hi Sarah!) for brunch in the first time since god only knows how long, and the omelettes at Original Pancake House are TO DIE FOR.  God those were good.  After that I stopped by the Barnes and Noble nearby and picked up a gigantic conglomeration of books from authors that I recently discovered Don't Suck, and chilled for a while in the cafe there, avoiding Calculus homework.  Weird note: the "spice" in Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte is, as far as I can tell, marijuana.  Seriously, that thing had a DISTINCT overtone of weed.  Like eating pot brownies.  Wtf?  I mean, it's tasty, and I didn't get high or anything, but why the hell does my latte taste like weed again?

Just as I was getting ready to go home, Jess called and we had sushi and talked for approximately ever.  Also nice, I don't see Jess as often as I'd like either.  Of course that means it's 10:30 now and I still don't have Calculus done, but... what the hell; at least I got the houseclean-y stuff I wanted to do today done before brunch, and I do after all have about a 2 hour layover in between Java and Calculus.  Time enough for math tomorrow afternoon.

Note to self: there are not so many cool people in my life that I shouldn't try to make a better point of finding time to spend with 'em.  Today was really nice.  I need to make an effort to have more days like it.

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