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I'm only posting this to piss hydrozoa off

LJ Interests meme results

  1. atheism:
    Out of the few hypotheses which fit the available facts, Occam's Razor leaves us with this.
  2. brake checks:
    Figuratively and literally.
  3. coexistence:
    Everyone is a foreigner with strange and only dimly understood customs.  The guy in the next country over, the guy in the next state over, the guy in the next town over, the guy in the next neighborhood over, the guy next door, your best friend, your parents, your lover.  You can never share the same customs entirely, you can only pretend that you do and ignore the evidence otherwise until it blows up in your face - or learn to coexist peacefully and, hopefully, happily.
  4. dvds:
    I don't know why I put something so obvious in here really.  Kill me.
  5. free software:
    Free as in beer and free as in speech - with the latter being by far the more important.  I hate to sound like a lunatic fringe techno-hippie, but if you don't understand open source yet, you will eventually.  It is a cultural as well as an industrial revolution and the impact on society is going to be a lot bigger than you think.
  6. hydrogen combustion vehicles:
    Because real men want beefy, torque-y motors that will lay down massive rubber.  Because you can easily convert existing car engines to burn hydrogen instead of gas.  Because it's a hell of a lot cheaper and presents fewer engineering challenges than fuel cells.  And because having clean steam as your car's only exhaust product is a good thing.
  7. mixed marital arts:
    No, this is not a typo for "mixed martial arts."  But I like that too.
  8. ousting dubya:
    If I need to explain this, there's probably no point in bothering to.
  9. reading:
    ... but only in the Roman alphabet, because jesus christ Hiragana / Katakana / Kanji suck donkeyballs.
  10. scrabble:
    I'll kick your ass.

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