October 26th, 2005

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08:23 am - Dreams are weird
Jabba the Hutt gave me shit about the way I was doing pushups... and then offered to train me as a Dark Lord of the Sith.  "There is a technique which would suit your unique style... but your master might not approve."  (The technique was called "Stone Butterfly".)



Current Mood: potentially evil?
Current Music: John Williams - Departure of Boba Fett

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[User Picture] From: wanton_bliss
Date: October 26th, 2005 - 05:59 pm
The most fantastical part of this dream is that you could do a push-up.


[User Picture] From: jimbojones
Date: October 26th, 2005 - 10:17 pm
I do a couple hundred a day, fucker.

in easy-to-manage installments of 20 per set.

[User Picture] From: vyacheslav
Date: October 26th, 2005 - 08:17 pm
way to give trekkies a run for their money jim

From: fox_portions
Date: October 27th, 2005 - 02:00 am
I had a dream about William Shatner.

Remind me to tell you about it this weekend. Oh! Movies on Friday, we're seeing stay. It'll be sometime in the evening, after five when I get off work. Lily's coming and maybe Indro if he's feeling up to it.

[User Picture] From: jimbojones
Date: October 27th, 2005 - 02:31 am
W00t! It'll probably need to be sevenish or after; I've got to get to an appointment in the afternoon and then get home to get the stench of machine room off of me. (I get to work on the PCs controlling industrial lasers in a multi-million dollar machine shop, wooooo! GO GO GADGET LASER BEAM)

From: fox_portions
Date: October 27th, 2005 - 06:08 am
Dude, you get to play with laserbeams? Lucky bastard!

After seven sounds good to me!

From: godbacchus
Date: October 27th, 2005 - 02:43 am

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