Zen Bastard (jimbojones) wrote,
Zen Bastard

any of you other tech geeks (Lisa, Dave, I'm looking at you) noticed...

That most of the GTLD-SERVERS.NET farm is down?  About 90% of them.  k, c, and I think m are working, but most of the rest are completely dead - respond to no digs for any domains whatsoever.  It's playing havoc with a lot of my customers who aren't running their own nameservers, because any DNS stuff that isn't cached by their ISP is working erratically if at all for them at this point.  The average DNS response time from the root servers for non-cached domains is over 4 seconds real right now, and really busy DNS boxes - like those handling thousands of customers for an ISP - tend to just give up on anything that takes more than 750ms or so at the outside.

Verisign needs to get its shit straight. =\
Tags: alpha geek

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