Zen Bastard (jimbojones) wrote,
Zen Bastard


So, I was over at Nate's watching the Rose Bowl tonight.  Oh my god that was the best game I think I've ever seen, especially college.  (It's really weird to me going on about a football game.  ME.  But here I am.  How things change, eh?)  Anyway I was rooting for Texas, not because I have any particular vested interest in either (the OTHER) USC or in Texas, but just because Vince Young is fucking phenomenal to watch on the field.  If you've read me obsessively, you may have seen me gripe about people not having situational awareness.  Well, not him.

Some quarterbacks panic the minute defenders get anywhere near them, blocked or not.  Others trust their blockers completely, and zone in on the receivers.  But Vince Young is phenomenal; he's standing there cool as a cucumber in a pocket of six or seven blocked-but-struggling defenders on all sides, patiently waiting for a pass opportunity or the need to run - and maintaining awareness of every one of those defenders the whole time.  Situational, fucking, awareness.  And damn his running game was good tonight, too.

Alright, I'm done jocking/dorking out over football now.  I'm just glad Texas got the upset, they played one hell of a game.  (And USC's Matt Leinert is a dick - wtf was with that comment "we're a better team, they just pulled off some plays" after they lost?)

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