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As good as the game I mercifully hid my dorking over behind that lj-cut was, oh my god I still wanted to strangle a bitch.  I don't know what the hell her deal is, but this girl I never quite dated (we had a drunken Moment once, went out to dinner once, and then she decided we didn't really have anything in common - and I didn't argue with her about it) has been DRIVING ME FREAKING INSANE.  She (we'll call her "Niki" because, well, it's her name, and any of my RL friends who know what the internet is are likely to have heard this already anyway) is over at Nate's fairly frequently for football games, last night and tonight being no exception, and jesus christ I can't open my mouth without her jumping on it and trying to turn it into an argument.

Last night, I said something about how I've been trying to eat lower carb lately - and she interrupts mid-word to inform me "that's stupid."  I blink, back off verbally, and say "well, I'm not talking about a full-out Atkins type thing, just -" and she interrupts again.  "That's still stupid.  You can't cut down on carbs and lose weight.  You can't cut down on carbs and get anything done.  You need carbs for energy.  You certainly can't go to school full-time and work full-time and cut down on carbs."

The fuck?

Someone comments on the thunder we were having that night.  I throw in that it makes me miss the really heavy thunderstorms I grew up with in Alabama, and she jumps in combatively again.  "It's been thundering pretty heavily here tonight!"  Uhhh... okay. "Well, we have gotten quite a lot of thunder tonight.  I just meant that I grew up used to thunderstorms that really shook the house."  (The thunder had been frequent, but quite gentle.)  "The house shook several times tonight!"  It's not even that she's for some reason "defending south carolina", she's from Ohio and never misses a chance to bag on this state.  So, seriously, the FUCK, over?

She pulled the exact same type shit two or three times tonight.  And when instead of diving into a pointless argument with her, I said "do you have to pick at me every time I open my mouth?" she said "I pick at everybody.  And I'm not picking at you, I'm trying to educate you."  Wow.  Just, wow.

I don't know what the hell her problem is all of a sudden, but after she left tonight I told Kristin (Nate's girlfriend) that from here on out whenever I walk in and see Niki there, I think I'm just going to start drinking immediately.

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