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for every rule, an exception

For six years now, I've steadfastly avoided hitting on anybody that worked for any of my customers.  But I think I might have to declare a temporary cessation of proprieties.

There's a girl at one of my customers - we'll call her "G" - who's really pretty, smart as a whip, and obviously one of those people that takes over pretty much any office she winds up in because she's the competent one.  You know the type.  The last time I'd seen her - two or three months ago - she was particularly smiley, and looking particularly good, but also particularly sporting an engagement ring.  Dammit.

Today, G called me, and greeted me with an - uncharacteristic - "HEY!  It's your favorite person!" (pause a beat) "from _______!"  I gave her a friendly "hey, haven't seen you in a while" back and asked her what was up, and she sketched out details of a couple of minor problems.  I told her I'd drop in this afternoon, and she said great, and called me "sweetie" with a giggle when she hung up.  Huh, I thought, they must have screwed something up bad over there.  (Detailing the hot girl to flirt at the computer guy when your bacon is well and truly in the pan is pretty much SOP for any company that has hot girls.)

When I got to ______, I couldn't find G so I asked the new chick at the desk to call her.  New chick called her, said "um, 'Jim' is here to see you?" and her eyebrows shot back so far in her head that they left tracks.  When she put the phone down, she gave me a "what the hell is going on here" look and said "I don't know who you are, but she is really glad you're here."  (I think new chick's eyebrows might still be stuck there now.  They didn't seem to be coming back down.)  Interesting.  G shows up, all smiles, and says - of all things - "hey, doodle!"  Doodle?

Soon as I got the chance, I checked - no ring on the left hand now.

Took a look at the problems she'd called me out for.  Total miscellany.  Nobody who is evincing any anxiousness whatsoever about them is anywhere to be found.  Even though it turns out I can't fix either one until I go back tomorrow with a couple of minor parts.

I still think hitting on customers is a bad idea, but I am fairly sure that honor dictates an exception in this case. =)
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