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crosspasted from billyfleetwood's journal

Yes, I'm single in case you were wondering. I really need to start going on more dates. I see it as kind of like training, should I end up on a reality TV show. They've upped the stakes, man. You go on one of these shows without serious dating skills, and you will get dunked on. If I had been Joe Millionaire, The first show would have been me drunkenly hooking up with the stupidest girl there, I would have spent the next 4 episodes in my room playing video games, while all the women talked about how great it would be to be best friends forever with a guy worth 50 million bucks. the last episode would have been a two hour special where instead of a choosing ceremony, it would have been Zora crying on my shoulder cause she hooked up with one of the cameramen and now he won't return her calls.
I keep reading this guy's journal and thinking "why the fuck didn't I say that?"

The answer, of course, is "because he's funnier than you are."


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