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lol spyware

180 Solutions, probably the most mainstream famous of the big spyware vendors, has a long history of publicly claiming "oh no we're not a spyware vendor, that was a mistake, since then we've cleaned our act up. Really guys." Then of course maybe a week goes by before one or another of the anti-spyware mavens documents on video one of their spyware apps getting installed via browser exploits, installing even after you click "no thanks", getting installed blindly with no EULA... you name it.

But THIS is a new twist: now, they're installing, I kid you not, a hardcore child-porn browser (link does not contain child porn and is safe for work) on your PC. Wow. Forget slowing your PC down - these guys are looking to make you a felon if you install "ad-supported software" with their crap bundled in.

That's hardcore in more ways than one.

moral of the story: for the love of GOD stop installing "cute games you found for free" on the internet on sketchy-ass sites full of bouncing happy crap!

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