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MMA, Waffle House parking lot style

As I came out of the Waffle House a few minutes ago, I saw a gigantic, gleaming back crow squatting over a discarded chunk of unidentifiable Waffle House discard in the parking lot, exchanging death threats with a bluejay a third its weight swooping back and forth above it. As soon as the crow tried to pick up its prize, the jay - which, if you didn't know jays better, you'd think wouldn't dream of taking on something so much bigger - folded its wings and stooped. BAM, strike to the back, a clump of crowfeathers comes loose in the air, and the jay is a few feet up again, swooping back and forth and screaming insults at the crow, which squawks in pain and starts yelling back at it.

The crow, considerably more wary now, tentatively tries to take a bite a few more times, and flutter-hops to the side at the last minute as the ever-vigilant screaming jay dive-bombs him the second he does. He doesn't get hit as hard as he did the first time, but he still pretty clearly takes a wing-smack or a talon in passing more frequently than he'd like, and he still hasn't gotten a clean bite of the prize. Finally with one more QUORK!ing imprecation, the crow snatches the whole thing up and flies heavily away across the street. The jay took off after him like a fighter with afterburners lit, nailing him over and over again, while the crow squawked out in pain and outrage the whole way.

I wish I could have seen the end of it.
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