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I wasn't ready for all this... nature

There was a nice little rainstorm last night and this morning. It died down sometime while I was having a late breakfast, though, and I noticed it was just that kind of lightly overcast that's really pretty and cool and comfortable to be outside in on what would otherwise be a hot bright summer day. So I decided to mix a drink, grab a new paperback and a cigar, and take a lawn chair down to the creek that runs behind my apartment building for a little quiet time.

The book was great, the cigar was truly fine, and I kid you not, an otter surfaced about ten feet away and swam by in my little rain-swollen creek as I was sitting there just enjoying my tiny little slice of nature. An otter! I did a double-take, looked close to make sure I wasn't seeing things - nope, no big flat tail, not a beaver (which would have been cool enough, really), it really was an honest-to-god otter! I said "hey there, little guy!" and he did a little 180, eyed me for a few seconds, and dove again.

This was a good day.

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