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Please pay us 30% of everything you earn. Jackbooted thugs are expensive.

In Forestville, Sonoma County, agents arrested John Matthew Patrick, 38, who owns California Colorchangers, Inc. Its Web site, www.colorchangingglass.com, features an array of pipes and bongs. Its cover page states, "I agree to use the products offered herein for legal purposes only."

On Monday, authorities refused to go into detail about their investigations except to say they involved undercover work. They said businesses could no longer protect themselves by posting signs or Internet warnings indicating their products were for tobacco use only.

More than 100 other homes and businesses were raided simultaneously Monday morning, apparently on the basis that Red-Blooded Amurrican 'baccy smokers wouldn't ever use a pipe to smoke with.

So what have we lost as a result of this sudden policy shift to arrest people for the possession and distribution of anything that might be used to smoke marijuana? We've lost the usefulness of the pretense that we're planning on smoking the government-approved dried leaves, which are insanely addictive, toxic, carcinogenic, and a severe cardiac risk... instead of the non government approved dried leaves, which aren't addictive, are non-toxic, and haven't been shown to be much of a carcinogenic or cardiac risk to anybody.

We've also lost a rather large chunk of that whole "innocent until proven guilty" concept. And we just might be a little late to the party if we started protesting in outrage RIGHT THE FUCK NOW, you know?

Logically, the government's next move should be to outlaw corncob pipes, meerschaums, rolling papers, Philly Blounts, screens, socket sets, two and three liter bottles, and cigarettes themselves (since they can of course be emptied of tobacco and repacked with marijuana). Oh frabjous day, and hurrah for American civil liberties...



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