Zen Bastard (jimbojones) wrote,
Zen Bastard

Does LJ make you feel old?

from the LJ front page:

Though a few different sources confirm that the largest group of LJusers falls into the ages of around 18-24, a lot of LJ users feel that description just doesn't describe LJ's diverse community. We want youto know that we've heard your concerns, and now we're challenging you to help us make our statistics more accurate. The way you can do thisis by following this meme that you might have already seen:

Go to the profile pageand specify your full date of birth, including your year of birth. If you don't want everyone to see how old you are, make sure the box thatsays "show your birthday to other users" is unchecked. The important thing is to get yourself into the database. Then tell your friends about it, and ask them to do it too.

'Course, I just list my birthday in full anyway. But if you don't want to show your real birthday, consider doing the hidden birthdate thing.


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