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PS: does anybody else remember the old Infocom title, A Mind Forever Voyaging? Because for whatever reason, that title has always conflated itself with Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind in my head, ever since the latter came out. I'm not entirely sure why. Although I know the movie is supposed to be very poignant, though I've never seen it (other than the now 20 minutes or so of it I've seen tonight), and though I remember very little of the details of the aforementioned game, I have strongly remembered finding it poignant in the extreme, 19(!) years ago when I played it.

It probably speaks volumes that I found a primitive text adventure game about a computer slowly discovering that its real world wasn't (real, that is) was poignant enough to stick with me, even when the details themselves didn't, nearly 20 years later. (But the less said about those volumes, the better they read, n'est'ce pas? Or should I say so desu ne?)

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