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and you thought *your* day sucked

The following things all broke, *today*, at my new soon-to-be employers' office:

# the routing table on the main server got corrupted, rendering it utterly useless until I could fix it
# one of the graphics cards on the lead designer's brand new workstation went poof
# we discovered that some utilities said lead designer absolutely must have won't work under XP x64 - meaning we have to skunk it completely
# the network card fried on one of the owners' workstation
# the phone system got fried
# both the temperature control circuit *and* the HVAC unit itself died
# a gigantic leak in the roof was discovered that is literally pouring gallons of water into the walls every time it rains
# the sewer main ruptured right at the corner of the lab, causing a tremendous upwelling of raw sewage

Wow. Just, wow. I have never seen so much shit all break at one time in one place. The majority of it can be blamed on a lightning strike from a thunderstorm Sunday night, but the fucking sewer rupturing, too?

We are all gonna be glad to get into the new building next year. Leave working in quaint little downtown remodeled-house-offices to the freaking lawyers, 'cause it might be "homey" and "comforting" if you drag clients in there on a regular basis, but man oh man does it suck for actually having to maintain and get any kind of work done in.

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