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smells like satisfaction

There's something intensely satisfying about having your coworker / principal POC suddenly say out of the blue "You know what would be cool? Having IMs in the company. Is that something we can do?" and you say "Jabber! I've never set one up before, but Jabber's open source. We can set that up on the server, since we're running BSD." You do a little grepping around in the ports directory, and under an hour later, wave your magic wand and produce a running, fully functional Jabber server. Your wish is my command. (And my commands are law, motherfucker.)

User adoption? Immediate and heavy, baby. Everybody loves Instant Pestering.

OH yeah, and I'm taking another course this semester! The engineering list distributed a "hey come take my class" email for MSCI/GEOL 580, Satellite Oceanography. Pretty nifty stuff; plenty of high-tech gadgetry and how to play with satellite and airborne imagery, and all sorts of other remote sensing stuff. I read the syllabus, thought for a second and fired off emails to Tim (the president) and Trey (my main POC) along the lines of "is this as relevant to the company's work as I think it is? Should I take this?" and got responses to the effect of that's a good idea, thanks, you should take that and learn the latest remote sensing techniques and bring some expertise into the office. Hell yes. So I snagged the last seat yesterday morning.

I could go on and on about how much happier and more productive this job and this environment is making me (and I'm not promising that I won't, some other time), but I think you get the idea. =)
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