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I am currently at that point in my job where it's Thursday and I say "oh, I'm already two hours over for this week, so I will see you guys Monday" and I kinda regret that 'cause I have some badass ideas I'm itching to implement. And I'm a little annoyed I'll have to wait until Monday to do it.

BUT I really do want to transition from getting paid for half-time to getting paid for full-time, so, ixnay on the eefray orkway til that happens. Fun's fun but money's money and the fictitious baby can always use a new pair of shoes.

In unrelated news, every year the freshman chicks wear thinner and clingier tops than last year, and this year's no exception. At this point, the only real difference between their tops and toilet paper is the perforated tear lines. (Next year's fashion?) Crazy.

Tomorrow night: motherfuckin' snakes on a motherfuckin' plane with Leigh and possibly Indro. W00t!

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