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Harvard math grads are telling the world you're a fat, gay, divorced christian looking for quick sex

It's amazing the things you turn up if you occasionally get curious and read the source code of a webpage. For example, today while logged into OKCupid I got curious as to why the status bar of my browser kept telling me it was transferring info from photobucket. I didn't find that, but I did discover something kinda interesting. It turns out that every single profile on OKCupid has the following information attached, where you can't see it but search engines can:

<span class="attribute-value">"OkCupid's the #1 free online dating site. Specializing in personality analysis, it was programmed by Harvard math grads."</span>

<span class="attribute-value">"keywords" </span><span class="attribute-name">content</span>=<span class="attribute-value">"cupid, free, ad, ads, adult personals, attractive, best, bi, bisexual, chris coyne, christian rudder, date, dating, dating service, divorce, divorced, events, exclusive, fat, fat project, free matching, free personals, free matching, friend, friendship, gay, gay personal, guys, homosexual, hot, internet, lesbian, lifestyle, love, man, match, match maker, matches, matching, matchmaker, matchmaking, math, men, men seeking men, men seeking women, ok, okay, okcupid, okaycupid, online dating, online personals, personal, personals, personality, photo, photos, pics, picture, pictures, sexy, single, singles, sister, smart, social network, social networking, thespark, spark, sparknotes, username, women seeking men, women seeking women"</span>

So if your picture ever shows up on a Google Image Search for fat gay christian divorcees, now you know why.

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