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the value of higher education

(23:59:57) Jimbosworldorg: I am so glad I am going to a high class 4 year university
(00:00:03) Jimbosworldorg: look at the kinds of things I am learning:
(00:00:04) discogravy: por quoi?
(00:00:05) Jimbosworldorg: ###Your Personal Private VIRGIN Puss#### ***************************************************** What if there was an all wet and warm pussy at your beck and call any day = any time? With your Personal Puss! that's what you get. A nice, hot ,slurpy, wet pus= sy at your command. Yes sir! and what's more? It's a VIRGIN!! http://cuntsforyou.blogspot.com/ **************************************************************************= ****** why the personal pussy is easily the best thing to make a nice fuck any da= y , any time. **Its a VIRGIN. Yes you break the hymen enveloping this pussy on your firs= t penetration **Super stretchable specially designed product to allow natural enveloping= of your cock **Sexy wet gooey interior that comes pre lubricated to allow you slide in = and out easily **Doesn't hurt or is uncomfortable like the pussy in a can or the pussy fl= ashlight products ** available on your command any time of the night or day. **Doesn't talk **Can be used more than once. 100 per cent satisfaction guarn t ee - Grab your Personal Puss before stocks run out http://cuntsforyou.blogspot.com/ **************************************************************************= Order today and Get a hand Job Mastrubator F r e e
(00:00:13) Jimbosworldorg: that just arrived in my mailbox
(00:00:17) discogravy: sweet
(00:00:21) Jimbosworldorg: addressed to csce245-001 at cse.sc.edu
(00:00:28) Jimbosworldorg: in other words, my entire C++ class.
(00:02:01) Jimbosworldorg: did you actually read that one, though?
(00:02:02) Jimbosworldorg: I mean shit, that was choice
(00:02:23) Jimbosworldorg: if I had to actually sit around and pick a spam to drop onto a C++ class for maximum comic effect
(00:02:28) Jimbosworldorg: I think that might have been the winner
(00:02:39) discogravy: i'm particularly amused by "Super stretchable specially designed product to allow natural enveloping= of your cock **"
(00:02:49) Jimbosworldorg: and the fact that it's a VIRGIN pocket pussy.
(00:02:59) Jimbosworldorg: with automatically resealing hymen.
(00:03:05) discogravy: yeah, i hate those used pocket pussies
(00:03:11) discogravy: with the labia hanging out
(00:03:21) Jimbosworldorg: and gooey shit on the inside. like one of those crazy chewing gum thingies that's full of goosh that bursts out when you bite into it.
(00:03:32) discogravy: you get it and you're all "man...i really had my pocket pussy beer-goggles on last night"
(00:03:36) Jimbosworldorg: what the hell was the name of that stuff? that was all the rage for like...a year
(00:04:42) discogravy: they still make it
(00:04:46) discogravy: i can't stand that shit
(00:05:02) Jimbosworldorg: oh I know they still make it, it just hasn't been "all the rage" for like 20 years now
(00:05:03) discogravy: it's like sweet caviar gum without the fish-egg
(00:05:12) Jimbosworldorg: more like with EXTRA fish egg
(00:05:16) Jimbosworldorg: or maybe just fish spunk
(00:05:30) Jimbosworldorg: like a lonely bass couldn't find an egg patch, so he made do with your gum
(00:05:37) discogravy: hahahhaa
(00:05:47) discogravy: that's possibly the worst mental image ever
(00:05:50) discogravy: thanks, jimbo
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