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RAH was right

In the last 24 hours, I have:

  • explained the difference between GFI and two-prong circuits (and why just ripping the third prong out isn't any less safe than buying a "converter")
  • troubleshot and resolved DNS issues with several hundred domains
  • banged about a thousand lines of C++ code
  • troubleshot an electrical problem in my car, "fixed" it without parts long enough to get to a parts store
  • fixed the problem for real once I had the replacement parts I needed
  • troubleshot and resolved problems on several mailservers
  • banged a few hundred lines of Perl code
  • transparently migrated several gigs of live websites and email accounts from one server to another
  • troubleshot and resolved VPN connectivity problems between two offices, without ever setting foot in either
  • banged about 50 lines in Bourne shell script
  • repaired the latch on a door that wouldn't stay shut
  • shot some pretty decent games of pool

Specialization is for insects.

On an unrelated note, after looking at that (incomplete) list - why the hell do I always feel like I'm not getting enough done?!

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