October 25th, 2006

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10:24 pm - the evils of the world, enumerated
(20:18:40) Jimbosworldorg: you seemed pretty unhappy about my teasing, that's all
(20:19:04) goldfischegirl: oh no i was sassing you
(20:19:10) goldfischegirl: hard to communicate that via IM
(20:19:16) Jimbosworldorg: STUPID INTERNETS
(20:19:18) goldfischegirl: yeah
(20:19:25) goldfischegirl: i blame technology for most of my problems
(20:19:41) Jimbosworldorg: between technology and uterus, 90% of the world's ills have been named
(20:20:00) Jimbosworldorg: (the other 10% being minor things like cancer, AIDS, and white men)

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