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for those of you who are following along at home

About 8 PM I realized that I was still fucking starving. And I considered the expression I remembered on the hostess' face when I angrily declaimed "I have been waiting for 40 minutes!" at her. And realized that, probably, she really wasn't deliberately not seating me as a single so that she wouldn't have a single seat left unfilled when she had couples to put at the bar, she probably had just fucked up and forgotten she had a single waiting for the sushi bar, because I was being quiet and doing a sudoku in some retarded tinytown local paper while I waited.

So I went back, and she looked terrified to see me there again, and I asked her quietly "did you deliberately seat those people ahead of me?" and she put her hand on my arm and said "no, I would never do that, it was a mistake, I know you, I'm so sorry, I was in the back crying after you left - please stay, I'll buy you your first beer. Please, will you stay?" and she bought me a beer and I had sushi and I asked Maru-san "kyoo wa, nani o oishii desu ka?" and he humored me and I bought a round for all the chefs that wound up being a huge round because they were out of the small bottles and even the chef who's usually a sourpuss came over to knock glasses with me and say "kampai" and they gave me a beer back and before I left I spent like 20 minutes talking to the hostess, who it turns out takes Japanese at USC and I think I've seen her around the campus and she wants me to come to the Japanese club meetings that I never quite got around to going to back when I was taking Japanese where people drink and karaoke and then most of them stay and drink some more and the world is a slightly less hostile place now. Thank god. Good night.

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