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hanashimashita o nan dayo...?

I went to the Nihon Club dinner tonight, since it was at my favorite Japanese restaurant (Inakaya on St. Andrews, for you Columbians). It was sorta painful. The person who originally invited me wound up at the last minute having a job interview in Texas, so I didn't know any of the people there except one of my senseis from a previous semester. The level of social competence among the students was... well, maybe it was what you'd expect for an academic club. Painful.

I spent most of the time talking with my sensei from my last Japanese class, Yoko-san. And I found it kinda flattering that at one point I gave her a bewildered look and said "... wakarimasen?" (I don't know?) - and she blinked, apologized, and said she didn't realize she was speaking Japanese to me. My vocabulary: unfortunately, sharply limited. My inflection and pronunciation? Damn good for a gaijin.

At one point most of our table started talking about the JET program and similar exchange programs that allow you to live in Japan, and I mentioned that, were I a traditional student, I would certainly love to do that, but having a business to run here, it's impossible, since I wouldn't have a business anymore when I got back. And, I swear to god, Yoko-sensei said that I should take a girl in from the Japanese equivalent of JET, that brings native Japanese over here.

Note: not "someone", "a girl". She said this in great seriousness. Not like, haha, white man got Yellow fever, or haha, let's see if I can make you blush. More like, hey, Jim-san, you'd really make some nice Japanese girl a great catch. Talk about being taken off guard? All I could really do was blink.

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