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masturbatory googlism

Have you ever gone idly googling through the internet looking for references to yourself, and found where someone you never heard of was touched by something you wrote, and quoted it... and you'd forgotten having written it entirely, but were glad to see it return to you when it did?

     "If you think sex is 'simple,' you're missing most of the fun. Sex is the single most complex act a human being can engage in, with the possible exception of differential calculus... which is considerably narrower in scope.
     Sex is science. Sex is poetry. Sex is prose. Sex is communication. Sex is athleticism. Sex is performance. Sex is dance. Sex is an act of trust. Sex is an act of personal expression. Sex is an act of exploration. Sex is an act of submission, and simultaneously an act of domination.
     Hell, sometimes it's even an act of procreation.
     Attempting to restate something so inherently complex as an 'insert tab A into slot B' procedure garnered from the instruction manual for a cheap pre-fab bookcase is, well... kinda poor."
----- Jimbo of jimbosworld.org
Thanks, Lone Owl, whoever you may be. I don't even remember what specifically prompted me to write that, or if I was writing it to anyone specifically or just to the world in general, but it made me happy to see it surface again.

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