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I am officially old.

Do you know how I know that I am officially old?

Because I am, jesus, like the LEAST angry dude on the internet. It's crazy. Even when my life is chock full of suck and angst (as it is currently) I am less angry than like 90% of the internet. Hell I'm less angry than 90% of the white males making over 50K a year, even, and you'd really think they wouldn't have a whole lot to get angry about to begin with. I mean, I know I've never been anything but white and male, but I definitely feel like I have less to be angry about since I started making good money. But anyway. Seriously, wtf can't people have a civil conversation without assuming the guy they're talking to is Out To Get Them if he expresses a different idea? Can't people just talk about stuff anymore, and compare viewpoints, without everything having to be a goddamn jihad?

If I was 20 I'd be flamingly angry about it, but as it is I'm just sort of disgruntled and disgusted and kinda irritated. Get offa my virtual lawn, you hooligans.
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