August 25th, 2007

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10:52 pm - holy shit... I do matter
In the course of getting variously scoffed at, called a liar and a shill, interrogated and otherwise treated rather rudely on a rather large tech forum that's got a heavy and prevalent Microsoft bias (complete with a few MS-employed astroturfers) I wound up explaining my business model as a consultant and my volume of business to a guy who works on the enterprise side of things and isn't at all familiar with the small biz sector (an awful lot of the IT industry isn't). Honestly, I normally kind of feel a little... well, like I'm less than I should be, or could be, in terms of my business success. Like I'm maybe a little too lazy. I'm just not that aggressive or ambitious about growing my business; as long as I'm making good money I'm generally happy and prefer to let whatever growth may be, be, and the hell with the rest.

But in actually quantifying what I do in terms of customers and machines in order to explain to a third party who I didn't know and who didn't know me, I realized that I'm single-handedly responsible for administering over 60 different servers, not including my own personal or even my own business's servers - and that's only among my most frequent "core" customers. A couple of those customers are (internet hosting) service providers themselves, with a few hundred businesses apiece relying on them. And I also handle an average of probably ten desktop machines per server. And all the networking equipment required to keep all that stuff talking to each other. And a tremendous chunk of the general end-user support needed at the sites in question.

A tremendous chunk of the downtown areas of my city has been getting heavily torn down and reconstructed for a few years now. Several of those same customers of mine have been directly responsible for the planning, engineering, and architecture of a lot of that work. Which makes me feel like an important part of that.

Shit. I'm not saying my city would stop functioning if I tripped in front of a bus, but I'm more important than I realized I was. Go me.

(In unrelated but also gratifying news, I got carded buying an "M" rated video game tonight. It's been a kinda gratifying day.)

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[User Picture] From: clme
Date: August 26th, 2007 - 03:46 am
Keep in mind that EVERY tech forum ANYWHERE has touches of that elitism and distrust in there. In this case its MS... on others you can ask a question about your a friend's computer and end up with "Solution: Load Linux. Problem solved. fsck M$!" Right. Then what do I tell said friend when they cant run their damn activeX games and play their virus-infected poker tournaments anymore?

My favorite form of stupid elitism is how you can be asking a question about someone else's computer that you're trying to troubleshoot, but they wont help you until you fill out what kind of computers and operating systems you're running on YOUR computers in your profile. Yeah. Thats helpful. Blow me while I just search Google for some people that dont suck. (I almost always include all applicable information in the primary post anyway... why would I fill out someone elses computer information in my profile, and why do you care how many different computers I have?)

I used to get banned from a lot of forums. Now there are a few I try if I cant find stuff on google and afterwards I call on different resources. Hell, if I cant fix it with a slick-n-reload its probably something for work or a hardware problem anyway.

Hell, even the pen tech forum gets that strange elitism now and then. I've been guilty of it myself, although I try to see it from the posters viewpoint. Even at its worst its better than over half of the so-called tech forums out there. Now, pen's general forum is a different matter, but thats a different issue :-)

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