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career cruising meme

go to www.careercruising.com, login as nycareers / landmark, then take the "Career Matchmaker" quiz. (It's pretty short and doesn't require much thinking.) Surprised me how accurate it was. Looks like I'm making the right career choices:

1. Computer Support Person
2. Computer Programmer
3. Computer Engineer
4. Multimedia Developer
5. Business Systems Analyst
6. Web Developer
7. Database Developer
8. Video Game Developer
9. Webmaster
10. Electronics Engineering Tech

I thought it was pretty interesting that it put support above programming, even though "understanding and using computer programming code" was pretty much the only thing I gave the "omg I super like it" response to. It annoys me a little though that they don't seem to have an entry for system administrator. A sysadmin and a helpdesk guy are both "computer support people" but there's a pretty big difference between the two. Certainly bigger than the difference between "Computer Programmer" and "Web Developer". But that's sort of par for the course, kinda like how there are no college degrees or really even courses to teach systems administration. A "computer science" degree bears no relation to systems administration. And to be honest, for most people, not a hell of a lot more relation to real world programming. It's really more of a "really, really abstract algorithms that you won't actually use because they've already been implemented and tested in the fire in every programming language you'll ever use, including the one you're implementing them - shoddily - in right now in this class" degree. Sad.

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