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if I could declare a national event, it would be

... national spam awareness day.

I am so freaking sick of users who first do stupid shit and then want to argue with you about it though they haven't got the slightest idea of what running a mailserver is like. The same user that gets 50x the volume of spam of any other user on that domain is the user that whines to you because, hey, surprise surprise, s/he gets spam. More often than not, that is also the same user that whines to you when their idiot friends who use mail clients that embed advertisements at the bottom of every email get their shit blocked. And don't think that same user won't argue with you about whether or not Vipul's Razor is what blocked one particular worthless email somebody sent them, despite the fact that until the beginning of the conversation they never heard the term and ten minutes later they'll have forgotten it again. Oh no. That user will immediately tell you how a collaborative filtering agent triggering from embedded ads can't be the problem because their OTHER idiot friend with the half-page sig block is also getting their mail bounced. Um, yes, genius, that's exactly right. Your idiot friend is sending one line of content and twenty lines of boilerplate non-information; what exactly do you think filtering agents are designed to DETECT in the first place? Large quantities of mass communicated non-information. Hello?

And, finally, that same user is going to be the user who thinks that the five spams a day that make it to their inbox are just awful and appalling and can't understand why you can't just "do something about it." Yeah my heart fucking bleeds for you having to look at those five fat pill spams, after my server had to invest all the work in automatically filtering 83 more that also arrived for you this morning. But of course those five you saw are the only ones that happened. And of course the fact that you sign up for EVERY GODDAMN WEIGHT LOSS NEWSLETTER IN THE WORLD regardless of how fly-by-night and shady it is has nothing to do with anything. Neither does you registering using your unobfuscated email address on ten different fat forums with the address displayed on every single post you ever make. No, obviously it is something *I* am doing wrong that makes OMG FIVE SPAMS JUST TODAY make it into your inbox whereas your coworkers got none and neither did I, even though I've been using the same email address for ten fucking years now.

Odds are even pretty good that that same user actually BUYS fatass pills from some of the spam s/he gets. But, you know, again it's not his/her fault. Why doesn't my email just goddamn work. Why do I get so much spam. Why do I sometimes not get mail from people. Email is simple, how come the people who run it never get it right. Woe.

So, yes, in my perfect world I'd like to just have every single mailserver admin turn off all spam filtering and just deliver EVERYTHING right to the inbox for a day.

Since midnight on one of my mailservers:

48,969 SMTP connections blocked by rblsmtpd
4,374 spam mails filtered by spamassassin
1,329 phishing/malware mails filtered by clamav
2,661 messages delivered to local users

Welcome to my fucking world.

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