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So, I decided recently I wanted to get a little indoor/outdoor dog. I am not going to lie: a lapdog. Nate's wife Kristin has a little rat terrier / chihuahua / something mix named Kade who decided some time back that I am the bestest thing since t-r-e-a-t-s, and while my entire life I've always preferred big dogs - the bigger the better - having Kade cuddled up in my lap for football games over at Nate's got me to thinking how awesome it would be to have a little TV buddy. (My cat, Tom, is a great companion and I love him to death but he hates TV. He won't go anywhere near the living room if the TV is on.)

Sooo, I started doing a little research on breeds, and I decided if I could possibly find one, what I really wanted was a feist, and if I couldn't find a feist, then a rat terrier. And after digging around some on the internet, I found Molly!

Molly is, if not a purebred mountain feist, then the spittin' image of one (esp. check the brown-and-white in the next to last photo). Of course we'll never know for sure, because she wandered in out of the woods one day in Manning, SC (about an hour and a half away from here) and, after being coaxed a little, reappeared with a couple of very young puppies and was taken in to the shelter. I always did have a weakness for "critter that wandered in out of the woods" pets... anyway, her puppies disappeared immediately since they were 1. puppies and 2. not heartworm positive, but Molly herself had heartworms, so she was still there in spite of being OMG ADORABLE. I sponsored her heartworm treatment last week, and as of this coming Wednesday, I get to take her home! Sharon (the lady at the shelter)'s description of her personality sounds dead on for the breed too - sweetheart, intelligent, extremely attentive and treat-motivated, loves to run and run outside and do little frisbee-dog flips for no apparent reason, but just as content to come inside and curl up for a nap after. She said it only took five or ten minutes to teach Molly to sit.

I am soooo excited. I have to keep her quiet for the first month (indoor only except for walkies on a leash, no running around) until the dead heartworm bits finish flushing out of her heart, but I think we'll be okay. I'll just keep her confined to the living room the first month (and make sure she's got lots and lots and lots of chewy toys) and I think she'll do fine. After that, doggie-door insert in the sliding glass door in the office so she can hit the big back yard as she pleases, and we'll be good to go.

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