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419 in the haus...

Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 10:52:30 +0100 (CET)
From: Gareth Hugh
Subject: Inheritance of Late Mr.Michael R.Jones
To: Jimbo

Thank you for your email concerning the inheritance and I want to quickly say thank you for your response to my email of mutual benefit.We have contacted you hoping that you are willing and able to collect the funds on our behalf.The details will be given on your response.

Our late client's name was Mr.Michael R.Jones and did not leave any record of any of his relatives.His last Will gives us the power to nominate a beneficiary for this sum by codicil.So we have contacted you because you bear the same surname as the testator and will be easier to present you rather than loose this amount.All the paper work will be done by you and us here.

Kindly provide us with more of your details for easier processing of this transactions. I would want you to send to me the following information so that I can prepare the necessary documents that will enable us make this claims without any problem. I will call you once I receive your response.More so I have attached along with this mail the application for claims which you will need to fill out and also return back to the Bank directly and when they respond back to you let me know so that I can guide you through the whole process.

Contact Address:
Tel/Fax Numbers:
Any Form of Identification:

Furthermore, we agreed that upon receipt of the funds into the bank account that you will nominated for this transaction, owner of the account will be compensated with 40% of the remitted Funds; while we keep 60%.

Take note, we have worked out modalities on how this transaction would
be carried out successfully in the shortest possible time. I am looking forward to consolidating our relationship in the near future. Please I will like to use this same opportunity to re-affirm my pledge for confidentiality as you know this transaction must be kept secret because of its nature.I have also attached along with this mail a scanned copy of my international passport for you to see and also keep for your records.

I await your prompt correspondence.

Yours faithfully,

Hugh Gareth
Tel: [redacted]
Fax: [redacted]

Sadly, no actual scanned passport was attached. We'll need to rectify that soonest.

To: Gareth Hugh
Subject: Re: Inheritance of Late Mr.Michael R.Jones

Dear Sir:

Thank you very much for your quick reply. This clears everything up
entirely, and I am very eager to proceed. However unfortunately your
scanned passport did not actually arrive attached to this message.
Please send your scanned passport soonest so that we may proceed.

As-Salaam Alaykum,

Jimbo Jones

Amusing side note: this entire exchange is actually visible FROM the front page of the domain he's emailing me at. I thought about going friends-only with this, but what the hell let's go for broke and see if he remains dull enough not even to bother checking it out. I'm betting that's a yes.

Tags: nigerian scammer

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