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more nigerian fun

We have fake passport:

Dammit. That's almost certainly NOT his real picture, which is going to make it that much harder to get him to hold up a stupid sign in a picture - "he" is an old white dude now. I'll have to be sure to leave him some kind of out in case he suddenly needs to look like all the OTHER Nigerian scammers...

Mr. Gareth:

I have attached a scanned copy of my drivers license, as I do not have a passport. I hope that will not be a problem for concluding our business, as I would not even know how to go about getting a passport; I have never left my country. I hope this day finds you well.

Have a Blessed day,

Jimbo Jones

I sent him a fake driver's license in response - one bad photoshop deserves another right? I'll let you know how it goes.

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