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nigerian update

He sent me a Word document... a really, really shoddy one.


I got your mail and the scanned copy of your Identity Card, I have attached the Application for claims form to this mail and I want you to complete it and send it directly to the Private Bank via their email and Fax Number on the Application Form and let me know once you receive any response from them so that I can advice you further on what to do.

I await your swift response

Hugh Gareth


He sure is itching to know my occupation. Among other things. Interesting that he wants to get me to snail-mail it - probably he figures since I'm not biting at the idea of emailing it to him (he's asked for this stuff in each message) maybe I'll write it to a "bank"?

Regardless, we know for sure that he's got at least one compatriot in the UK now. Which doesn't surprise me; there have been some pretty high-profile arrests of 419 scammers inside the UK in recent years, including one that - no shit - attempted to eat his USB drive when he got collared at a wifi hotspot.

Anyway I am kinda waffling on my "occupation". I don't think I want to be a computer consultant. Maybe a real estate investor. Or maybe just a college student - but one living off of family money! Decisions, decisions...

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