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where did this thing come from, and how do I kill it?

Apparently, at some point something happened that I wasn't paying attention to, and I got saddled with a conscience.

Last night at Nate's NYE party a neighbor who we're friends with came up to me and informed me that, hey, that chick over there that came over with his bunch was 20, and not married, and not seeing anybody, and I should come over to get in the hot tub later. I was busy blowing things up at the time, so I just grinned back at him and said we'll see or something along those lines. Back in the house, Karen started talking to the girl in question in the kitchen, and I just sort of boggled - damn she looked young. Like high-school young.

Don't get me wrong, I can easily picture a 20 year old that I'd ditch the 1/2+7 rule over; rules are made to be broken when they don't fit. I've broken that particular one before, after all. There are such things as bright, witty, engaging, mature 20 year olds. But this just wasn't one of them.

It didn't occur to me until today that it was also more than a little creepy that he dropped invitations to come join the hot tub party to me several times, specifically in relation to this girl being present, without ever actually introducing me to her. Hell, I still don't even know her name.

On a more awesome note, pantsnotneeded (who moved to Columbia just a couple of weeks ago), theonyx (who was in town to visit, and maybe join the migration and end up here as well), and his friend ardaiel (who already lives here but who I didn't know until this weekend) were all at the party too and it was a blast, as was the rest of the holiday weekend we all spent largely together. Hopefully our drunken retarded antics last night weren't too much; we sort of wound up a tight clique through the party without any specific intent to. And god knows we were neither quiet nor sedate. I for one apparently announced "I am as fucking drunk as I have ever been" on multiple occasions, and uh, I don't remember saying it, but it certainly was true. I think we ALL went right over the retard wall about the same time, 15 or 20 minutes after midnight. Personally, I blame the champagne toast at midnight for supercharging the bourbon and tequila already in my stomach. My system is a high performance alcohol-fueled machine, but it was designed for normal aspiration only.

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