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While out with Shaun and Karen and Chris last night, a random chick at the next table at Yesterday's challenged me to identify the object in a video clip on her cell phone. She started the video playing, and said "just press 'play' again when it's done." It was pretty obvious immediately, despite the extreme close-up, that SOMETHING was being energetically squatted on by a girl with no anal hang-ups whatsoever. (Thanks internet!) But I did have to press 'play' again to figure out what the hell it actually was. "That is a trailer hitch," I proclaimed, to impressed murmurs from the table that handed the cell phone over. "I'll take 'auto parts' for $500, Alex!"

I'm still a little bemused, though. Not so much at the chick having that video to begin with, as at her putting it on her cell phone. Like... she wanted that video clip portable. To fit her on-the-go lifestyle. Of course, it might have been taken on the cell phone to begin with. Which I was kinda tempted to ask, to be honest. But it seemed like the kind of thing best wondered about rather than nailed down.

Sadly, I missed the party tonight with the 40-foot-tall bonfire in the back yard. But, although I'm not above showing up at a party where I only know a single person, doing so while consumed with the sniffle-snots just seems like a bad idea. Not being able to drink at the kind of party where 40-foot-fires are lit also seems suboptimal. And Friday night proved to me conclusively that the best treatment plan for a rattly cough is not to start drinking at 5:30 and keep going until the bars close down. Oops.

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