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New dinette: OMGPIX

It's a little bit oversized for the space, but I really like it! (All pics are clickable for 4x increased resolution.)

This is the only pic of the bunch that you can see the underlying color of the chairs at all - they're a sort of "stone" color, but it's tinged with a very pale green that doesn't show much. Which I rather like - subtlety and a sort of restrained ethic works for me. Except, of course, when it comes to my electronics; but we already know all about that right?

Here we are standing behind the counter, looking across the breakfast area into the living room. You can just see the reading room (originally intended for a small formal dining room) to the left, behind the humidor on the other countertop.

Now we're looking in the other direction - standing on the steps down into the living room, looking across the breakfast area and into the kitchen proper.

I decided to snap a pic or two of the reading room while I was at it, since in theory at some point I could decide to put the table in there. On the way there, I encountered the wily cat-beast, and decided that perhaps people would appreciate a picture of it in its native habitat.

So, this is the reading room - the hallway where Tom was (leading to the front door) is behind us; that's the front yard through the picture window to the left. The dinette would fit the space more comfortably in this room, but it certainly wouldn't go anywhere near as nicely.

The reading room again, this time looking in from the breakfast area. That's the front yard dead ahead. The room is *not* in any way dark though, it just looks that way because the camera was pointing at the picture window in the sunshine - the actual lighting is as it appears in the last picture.

Unrelated in any way, and in fact not even taken at the same time: Tom watching his own personal television, and his personal television watching him right back.

Can't you see I'm watching TV, here...?

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