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housepix - slightly updated

I finally, FINALLY got around to hanging (most of) my pictures. After, what, seven months living in the house? File this, too, under "things I am happy about today."

All of the below are clickable for higher resolution:

I love this picture. It's one of two originals I bought on the same day, in the same little gallery, in a little town I was passing through while visiting my mom and Scott in Mississippi.

This is the other of the two originals I bought in Mississippi, and I love it too. The cartoonish style is deceptively simplistic, but there's something that appeals to me in the absurdity of it. Is the rabbit changing the moon like a light bulb - or is he stealing it? (I think he's hanging it there, personally.) And what's up with that blackbird?

The sylph, she is cute. I got her in my now-sadly-demised favorite little bar ever, the Red Tub.

Good ol' country road. I got this at some little gallery in Charleston, I think. Not even close to being an original, but it appeals.

Molly's not exactly artwork, but she's certainly an original and a favorite. =)

Some day soon I'll get a pic of the Dali print I hung above the mission desk in my office (the one I use for paper stuff, not the one with the computer on it) but for right now it's just too damn messy for photographic documentation. =)

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