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sailors and rednecks

Went to tnertnoir's tonight to catch a little bit of his birthday(ish) party. I couldn't stay too late, since I have to get up relatively early in the morning, but I did get there at just the right time to see some good-old-fashioned "this is why you don't pass out drunk at the party" hijinks - I felt like I was in the Navy again!

When I walked in the room, P-Blake handed me a Sharpie and instructed me to begin doodling. "Cocks goes here" with the arrow pointing south was my contribution.

Somebody broke out the superglue. Ohhhhh, shit.

Evil little redhead is evil. Hot, but evil. Remind me not to fall asleep near her, she was seriously fucking merciless. Ultimately, the lighter didn't seem to want to stay glued to his neck...

... but that's okay, she got it to stay super-glued to his back instead.

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