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OKCupid - even edgier than I remembered!

So, OKCupid has this new(ish) feature called QuickMatch, where you get bombarded with a random selection of (reasonably) local people of the appropriate gender, and you rate each of them from 1 to 5 stars on looks, and 1 to 5 stars on personality. This is anonymous - unless that person should also at some point rate you a 4 or 5 in that same category, in which case you both get notified that you each rated the other highly.

What I didn't know - until tonight - was that if you rate someone a one - the lowest possible rating - in either category and they also rate you a one, you both get notified of that, with the snide comment "mutual burn!" Wow. I wonder how many angry, venom-and-flame-spitting emails have come about as a result of THAT shit?

My initial reaction was to feel bad - oh shit I didn't want that poor girl to get it flung in her FACE that I found her unattractive - but then I thought "hey, fuck that barn troll, she rated ME a one! What the fuck?!"

Ah, OKCupid, you are truly the Al Qaeda of social networking sites.

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