Zen Bastard (jimbojones) wrote,
Zen Bastard

Support jette!

My internets friend and all-round awesome chick jette is running for the Livejournal advisory committee. In order to be considered for the committee, she needs at least 100 persons to second her nomination. (She is at 40 seconds so far, counting mine.) All you need to do is go here:


and add a comment saying you support her nomination. Why would you do this? Because she is:

1. a longstanding LJ citizen
2. someone who gives a shit
3. agenda-free (not a former LJ employee / Six Apart lover / Six Apart hater / etc)
4. like, seriously MILFy
5. someone whose nomination you can actually have a say in, unlike, say, the Democratic primary
6. even-keeled, level-headed, and not at all given to crazy half-cocked flamewars

Livejournal thanks you, I thank you, jette thanks you.

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