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fucked up dream

OK, so everybody knows about the recurring dream where you are naked at school / are at school and haven't studied for a test.

What does it mean when you keep having dreams where your car gets fucked up? That's what I seem to keep getting lately. Although I rarely remember it. But this morning, Molly kept fucking howling her miniature coon-dog howl at... well, what the fuck ever she kept doing it at, and at some point it was right in the middle of a dream so when she woke me up I remembered the dream.

I had like 4 different cars, because they kept getting damaged. Oh, the poor Neon. Somebody hit it, and smacked it up pretty good. So I had it in this parking lot, with like three or four other cars of mine. And people. Kept. Hitting. Them. Even in the damn parking lot, when I wasn't driving them! The Neon was beat to hell but still driveable, but then I came back to the parking lot, and it had been bashed into again, this time so hard that it looked like a modern art rendition of itself. Smashed over to the side, bent and warped so badly that the doors didn't even mate up to the roof anymore. Awful. And I remember exclaiming, on seeing that it had been driven into yet AGAIN, that I "need to get the hell away from [my father's name]" so that will quit happening.

Well, Sigmund? What the hell does the dream mean when your car(s) keep getting hit?

Sorta related: the car related dreams I normally have involve me actually driving the cars and something goes wrong and I have some kind of fender-bender. But in this one, the cars were all in a parking lot, and some bastard was apparently deliberately coming and ramming them when I wasn't looking. Asshole.

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